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Liver/ Organ Support

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Do you want a healthy liver?

Why is it important to have a healthy liver?  The liver is the blood filter for the body.  Once it is unable to filter the blood, your body shuts down.  The good news is that your liver can repair itself!  The bad news is that it is hard for it to repair itself when it has to filter out all of the junk that we put into our bodies.  Alcohol, GMO foods, toxins in the environment, etc.  But don’t worry, help is on the way!


TUDCA stands for tauroursodeoxycholic acid. This compound is an ambiphilic bile acid, naturally found in low quantities in our bodies. TUDCA has been used for centuries.  Its use dates back to ancient Asian medicine.  It was used for many health benefits, including healing sick organs.  Because of TUDCA’s importance, our ancestors greatly sought this acid in order for the sick to be healed fast.

Where Can I get TUDCA Now?

In modern times, we’ve found better ways of getting TUDCA to the marketplace without having to kill bears with our spears. TUDCA is used around the world to treat several ailments like liver or biliary cirrhosis and gallstones.  In addition, TUDCA has shown to aide in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.  Ongoing research has also found that TUDCA has many benefits for the heart, eyes, and organ health.

TUDCA vs Milk Thistle

TUDCA has a huge advantage over other liver support supplements like milk thistle.  Milk thistle will only help your liver, but TUDCA will do so much more to help your overall bile mobilization.   For this reason alone, TUDCA blows away any other cycle support supplement.

Diabetes and Weight Loss

Studies have shown that TUDCA also helps with insulin and blood glucose. For this reason, it has become popular among diabetic groups. In another study, TUDCA was shown to aid in fat loss and helped neutralize weight in both men and women. Another way to look at these facts is that if you are overweight, it will aid in weight loss. If  you are underweight, it can help you gain some lean weight.

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